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Marie with dog puppet

You have a unique mix of theater and puppets that strikes a chord in children  and adults alike. I have to admit, anyone who can keep a group of 90 children so quiet you could hear a pin drop certainly knows their craft.

- Devo Carpenter, Youth Specialist, Austin Public Library

Since 1998, Random Acts Puppet Theater has delighted audiences with tales of  creativity, wit, and gentleness. Through adaptations of ancient folktales and exciting original works, we continue to join our audiences in exploring the difficult art of being human.

Bill Woodburn- writer, designer, & puppeteer
Bill began his love of theater 40 years ago in The Dallas Theater Center's children's theater program. Since then his  career has spanned orthodox theater, avant garde, Shakespeare, street theater, mime, and puppetry. Along the way, he's acted in the world premiere of a Robert Anderson play, taught drama, and worked as a street mime.

Marie Welsch- artist & puppeteer
With over 10 years experience in fine arts, Marie brings sets and puppets to life with her use of line, color, and faux finish techniques. From puppet construction to wonderful workshops, Marie's unique touch keeps Random Acts beautiful.

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