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two life-sized puppets

Selected for performance at the
2003 National Puppet Festival
2002 Great Lakes Puppet Festival
2002 Great Plains Puppet Festival

Their elegant enactment of a Japanese ghost story literally gave me goosebumps.
- Diane Rains, The Puppetry Journal

Tales from ancient China, mysterious Tibet, medieval France, and other faraway  lands share their wisdom about courage, sharing, foolishness, and loss. Every story teaches something important about living well with others - and more deeply within ourselves.

Performed with either whimsical hand puppets or our life-sized rod puppets, this  innovative mix of traditional folktales and non-traditional staging brings ancient wisdom tales to life for a special moment of storytelling and puppetry.

l30 or 45 minutes     Most enjoyed by people 5 years and older

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Curriculum Connections

a young boy and his horse

Suho and the White Horse, a Mongolian tale